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Work Plan

  • WP1: Project management & coordination
  • WP2: Communication, knowledge management and dissemination
  • WP3: Transnational review of innovative practices of housing and care solutions for elderly and vulnerable people in Central Europe cities
  • WP4: Pilot actions
  • WP5: Transnational design of strategies and actions for mainstreaming pilot cases


Research goal

Transnational review and evaluation of innovative practices in housing and care for elderly people in Central European cities

  • Overview and comparison of contextual factors and housing policies
  • Overview and evaluation of innovative practices in housing and care for elderly people
  • Recommendations for national policies and transnational programmes

Research topics

  • Comparison of housing systems and housing policies.
  • Overview and comparison of contextual factors.
  • Elderly housing attitudes and living conditions.
  • Description of 5 innovative practices in the following areas:
    1. community building (creating voluntary organizations, day care centres and networks for/among the elderly - day centres that combine provision of social activities with advice and social care);
    2. housing accessibility (including technical devices, ICT) (concrete architectural tools, that are designed to improve housing accessibility for the elderly - adaptations that range from small repairs to universal schemes);
    3. housing affordability (innovative financial (supply side or demand side) tools, that make housing for the elderly more financially affordable);
    4. social and health care (key question: to what extent is social and health care institutionalized and what assistance is there for the elderly who decide to live in their own home?);
    5. access to information/education (to what extent are the elderly informed about opportunities/services open to them and the barriers that hinder access to them).
  • Evaluation of 5 innovative practices:
    • Efficiency
    • Effectiveness
    • Transparency
    • Sustainability
  • Description of process of application of 5 best innovative practices.
  • Description of management of 5 best innovative practices.

WP3 project tasks

wp3 tasks


Pilot actions

  • 1 PPP for new management/financing of housing and care + involvement of neighborhood communities: PPP for integrated management and financing of housing and homecare for persons with disabilities and elderly, Trieste (IT);
  • 1 Neighbourhood-based link between care and housing + design-for all adaption of 1flat: Adaptation and equipment of a sample flat for independent living of elderly and persons with disabilities, Leipzig (DE);
  • 1 Formal/informal carers training: Training programmes and tools for in/formal caregivers, Debrecen/Budapest (HU);
  • 1 Access to information and services : Info Point for the elderly, Ljubljana (SI);
  • 1 Community development + ICT solutions: Intergenerational self-help groups and AAL support to informal care at neighborhood level, selected municipalities (SK);
  • 1 Innovative needs evaluation among elderly living in the city of Brno, Brno (CZ);
  • 1 AAL/ICT application: Adaptation of open AAL platforms for social re/integration, Poznan (PL);
  • 1 AAL/ICT application: AAL solutions for the elderly residing in integrated supervised flats, Weppersdorf (AT).

HELPS Pilot Actions are issued from the definition of transnational socio-demographic challenges identified by Project Partners and are structured on a common methodology to produce transnational level recommendations.

HELPS Pilot Actions will help to strengthening independent and active living of aged and disabled persons by:

  • focusing on community-based development;
  • creating local governance platforms;
  • paving the way to local action plans.


Transnational design of strategies and actions for mainstreaming pilot cases.

  • 1 Action Learning Set (ALS) per Project Partner;
  • Local Action Plans (LAPs);
  • Transnational recommendations and toolkit.