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International conference in Prague, 25 October 2012

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Ageing in Central Europe. Housing and Home Care Solutions in Comparative Perspective

Present socio-demographic changes are expected to result in a dramatic increase of the number of elderly and vulnerable people in most developed countries. This fact represents a challenge for various stakeholders, such as policy makers, academics, NGOs providers etc. Simultaneous improvement of health conditions and higher level of autonomy of older people raise the issue of housing and care solutions for people who wish to grow old in their homes and keep control over their lives.

The objective of the conference is to present selected preliminary results of the research conducted under the projectHousing and Home-care for the Elderly and vulnerable people and Local Partnership Strategies in Central European cities (HELPS) which tries to deal with possible solutions in the field of housing and home care. The main focus is an international comparison of contextual factors that enable or obstruct different kinds of solutions, and discussion of needs in the area of housing and home care for elderly in Central European countries.

Date and venue

9:00-13:00, 25th October 2012, Prague, Národní 3, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic