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SUREURO (Sustainable Refurbishment Europe) was an acronym for one of the largest research projects supported under the 5th Framework Programme by the European Comission. Its main objective was the development of metodical and operative tools for sustainable refurbishment of existing European large housing estates. Theoretical outputs of the project are tested on pilot sites in participating countries.

The project was started in 1999 and will be terminate in June 2004. In the project participate housing associations and organisations maintaining mainly social housing fund, research institutions and consultancy enterprises from seven European countries (Denmark, France, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Netherland). In 2002 Italy and Czech Republic were involved in the project.

Czech part of the project was titled SUREURO CZ NAS. The participants in the project aim to find sustainable refurbishment approaches and tools usable for regeneration of large real housing estates built after World War II in the Czech Republic with the emphasis on adaptation, transfer and direct application of selected tools of the main SUREURO project. Research and following application of the tools (in pilot sites Havířov and South Town in Prague) concern both technical and social dimensions of the refurbishment. The main co-ordinator of the Czech part of the project is the Czech Technical University in Prague. The Socio-economics of Housing Team is together with Faculty of Science of the Charles University of Prague, STÚ-K, the Centre of building engineering (CSI) and the Czech Technical University responsible for the fields Strategic management, Co-operation management and partly Design and Building. Main task of the Socio-economics of Housing Team is an adaptation of social participation tools under Czech conditions. More information available here.

Socio-economics of Housing Team prepared a draft of manual to tenants participation on the refurbishment of real estates in the Czech Republic. The manual aims to provide useful information and tools in the field social participation for local administrators and associations (mainly municipalities) responsible for the maintanance and management of housing fund and co-operation with tenants. By the preparation of the handbook were both experiences of the countries participating in the main SUREURO project as well as experiences of Czech associations (communities) dealing with the public work and local democracy projects taken into account. The tenant participation tools developed in the main SUREURO project were among others incorporated in the handbook, however some additional tools used in other countries were added.


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