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The Housing Attitudes 2013 Survey was conducted by the Socio-economics of Housing Department. It is a unique survey of the preferences and attitudes of the Czech population towards housing. The goal of the survey was to obtain comparable data to the Housing Attitudes 2001 Survey and to provide supplementary attitudinal data to the Census 2011. The survey focused on contemporary housing conditions of the Czech population, the role of intergenerational transfers in the housing field, the financial literacy, the attitudes towards owner-occupied versus rental housing, the purpose of social networks in the housing field, the opinions on “ideal” housing, the role of the government in the housing field, the satisfaction with housing etc. The standardised interviews with 3,003 adult respondents were carried out in September and October 2013. The survey was designed as a quota survey, representative for the Czech population. The quotas included gender, age, education, size of the municipality, region and tenure. The data collection was provided by the STEM/MARK agency. The survey was fully supported by the Czech Science Foundation (grant no. P404/12/1446).

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